About Event

We will be launching Cash Gain City officially to the public and admitting new investors in to the community.

Cash Gain City is the safe haven for Millionaire Investors

Investing in Nigeria carries risks.
Some are low risks while others are high.
Some are controllable while others are not e.g. regulatory risks.

This is why you need to be adequately informed and protected at all times.

At Cash Gain City, we provide both updated financial Knowledge and adequate financial cover to our investors.

We have a rule. If you don't learn from us, you can't earn with us.
Attending our next events per time is a prerequisite for new/prospective investors to join our community.

Secondly, we always provide Collateral fund for our investors to protect their Investments. The next set of admitted investors have collateral protection up to $1M.

Attend the next event to take advantage and also find out our investment offers.

Limited Ticket Available

Take advantage of the limited ticket offer.