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About Dr Olumide Emmanuel
Keynote Speaker

Best Selling Author, School of Money

Dr Olumide Emmanuel is a Best selling author with over 30 published books.

A renowned financial consultant, relationship expert, preacher and philanthropist.

He earned his certificate in real estate from Harvard Business School, USA specializing in business strategy, capital markets and project finance.

He is widely known as the “Common Sense Guru”. He is the Chairman of Common Sense Group.

Dr. Olumide Emmanuel will speak on “After Billions, What Next?”

Oladipupo Clement

KeyNote Speaker

Trusted Wealth Creation and Retention Coach

Oladipupo Clement is a Global Investor and trusted Wealth Creation and retention coach with a career spanning over 2 decades.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Lifepage Group, a Real Estate Investment Company. Lifepage Group has successfully created and managed over 23 projects across Africa.

He leads a group of investors/professionals comprising of over 15,000 subscribers and realtors.

He also sits on the board of other multinationals.

He holds an MBA from Netherlands Business School


Oladipupo Clement will speak on “Financial Freedom Blueprint for your Family & Business”

Tade Cash

Keynote Speaker

Tade Cash is a world #1 legendary closer, Master Investor and Oracle of rental income investing . He knows how to make people do what they have to do even when they do not feel like doing it . He teaches Military Linguistic Patterns that help people take charge of their personal economy .

He is the co-founder of several million-dollar companies and he is popularly known for his work with WIP Africa limited – a multi-national real estate company.

He made his first million dollars through sales at the age of 28. He co- leads businesses in 5 countries across 3 continents.

He believes that success is a system and not a secret.

He is the mega best selling author of The Money Code, The Real Estate CashFlow Machine, Close or Lose and several other books.

Tade Cash is worth hearing all the time.

Tade Cash will speak on “Unlocking the Money Code for Trans-Generational wealth”

Mayor, Cash Gain City


SamOrija is an Empowerment Coach and one of Africa’s fastest rising Investor with a real estate interest and Investments across 44 estates in 13 cities in 4 nations.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Team Limited Global and the Mayor of Cash Gain City.

Sam Orija  will be unveiling the Ingredients for the Journey to Lasting Wealth

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